Kythnos… the island of simplicity and warm hospitality. The island with the 100 beaches and the incredible views of the endless Aegean blue. Some of the available activities on the island that you can enjoy either with friends or alone are the following:

Scuba diving

Kythnos has a wonderful seabed which expects to surprise its visitors. With the help of experienced guides and the necessary equipment, you can safely enjoy a walk in the blue of Kythnos Island.

Canoe – Kayak

If you want to offer a gift to you and your loved ones then a canoe or kayak experience may be ideal for you. Feel the saltiness of the Aegean by having fun at the sea and keep them alive with lots of photos.


An excellent choice of body training and at the same time direct contact with the nature of Kythnos is hiking. Through the paths – routes, which are intended for hiking, you can discover all the beauties and villages of the island.

Animal care

Another original activity during the winter months is visiting the estates where our animals are raised. There you can experience unique moments of tenderness by feeding and milking them.