Our idea

Where emotions from the past are relived…

From his childhood, Mr. Giannis observed his grandparents working on matting and stone, having acquired a great name on the island. Recalling those days, today he continues their work with the art of handmade straw matting and carpentry.

Through the ornate furniture and decoration, he keeps the memories from the artistic vein of the family alive, passionately carving new paths in the world of “hospitality”. Stone by stone and plank by plank, the 4 suites took shape, with the aim of creating pure moments and initiating each visitor to the unique place of Kythnos.

The work of Kozadinos Art Suites was completed in 2022 and has meant the union of the traditional and at the same time modern style with the local character of the island. The amphitheatrical view to the town of Kythnos rewards every visitor with absolute relaxation. The houses with the tiled roofs that stand proudly observing the nature, the aromas that arrive from the local shops, the songs of the birds and the rustling of the wind among the vegetation are just some of the advantages that one can enjoy at Kozadinos Art Suites.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!