A story of 150 year…

Stone: adorns the space with its intense character and coolness

ΞWood: dresses the suites with warmth, coziness and a lot of love

Matting: offers a touch of elegance and beauty


The art of stone, carpentry and handmade knitted straw matting is a love that lasts for 4 generations and acquires even greater value over the years. The passion and respect of the family tradition for the above pure materials, set their start from the great-grandfather Manolis. Mr. Manolis worked as craftsman of stone and reed weaver and passed on his talent to grandfather Dimitris. Another artistic soul continues the tradition, as a builder and craftsman of stone and is the father Mr. Manolis. Mr. Manolis, in turn, gave the reins to the hands of his son Giannis Kozadinos, who professes the art of carpentry and handmade straw matting.

All the unique handmade crafts that dominate in each suite and the surrounding area, as well as the design of the spaces, have been crafted and decorated by Giannis Kozadinos. Even the smallest detail of Kozadinos Art Suites highlights the adulation of nature and the life it proudly carries. In fact, many of the items that grace the suites are available at Kozadinos Wood Art, in a wide range of wooden handmade products, where one can get souvenirs and a little magic from the holidays in Kythnos Island.